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Sales agent

If you feel like this job is for you, feel free to contact us!

The job of a sales agent in the Kontaktikeskus  is ideal both for starting a successful career and for someone looking for a stable, long-term job - previous sales experience is not important, what is important is the will and initiative!


The main task is to introduce and sell the products/services of well-known companies in Estonia by phone.

In Kontaktieskus is waiting for you:

- A motivating team whose goal is to take your knowledge and skills in sales to a completely new level;

- A work schedule that is as flexible as your active lifestyle;

- Engaging and motivating sales games;

- The opportunity to work in the most homely environment - your own home;

- Part-time workload, which also leaves time for hobbies and family (32 / 35 hours per week);

- Colleagues who are full of positive attitude towards life and support you every step of the way.

We expect from a fresh sales agent:

- Very good knowledge of Estonian and/or Russian;

- A communication style that is both friendly and business-like;

- Strong will, determination and self-discipline;

- Wants to develop, learn and grow as fast as Kontaktikeskus.

To apply, fill out the contact form or contact the head of our sales department.

Feel free to contact us for more information: call 5358 5627 or send an e-mail to

NB! We enable remote work, and both the application process and work can be carried out without visiting the office.

Kaspar Uba

Head of the Sales Department

+372 5358 5627

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