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Data protection conditions (privacy policy) and authorized processors


OÜ Kontaktikeskus (hereinafter also us) processes the personal data of data subjects in accordance with the principles set forth in the data protection conditions and the legislation applicable to the processing of personal data.

In the sense of the data protection conditions, the data subject (hereinafter also you) is a natural person whose personal data is processed by the Kontaktikeskus. Among others, the data subject is, for example, a subscriber to the Kontaktikeskus publication, a visitor to the website, a user of the sales environment, a registered user of the website, a job applicant.

Personal data is data that identifies or enables the identification of a natural person, for example name and contact details of the person.

The purpose of the data protection conditions is to explain the principles of personal data processing, among other things, what personal data and for what purposes the Kontaktikeskus OÜ collects and what are the rights of data subjects in relation to the processing of their personal data in the Kontaktikeskus OÜ.

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ can change the data protection conditions based on the need (e.g. changing legislation or the data processing process). In this case, the Kontaktikeskus OÜ will inform you first implementation of the changes by a reasonable time.

Personal data processors

Controller of personal data

The controller of personal data is a legal entity that determines the purposes and methods of personal data processing.

Controller: OÜ Kontaktikeskus
Company registration code: 11724971
Address: Parda 8, 10151 Tallinn
Contacts: 630 4001,

Authorized processor of personal data

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ generally does not disclose personal data to third parties. However, this may be unavoidable if the obligation to disclose arises from the law or is necessary for the performance of the contract. Also if the data subject has given permission for this.

The authorized processor of personal data is a natural or legal person, public authority, institution or other organization that processes personal data on behalf of the responsible processor (Kontaktikeskus OÜ). The Kontaktikeskus OÜ can grant the right to use data to authorized processors. Authorized processors are Kontaktikeskus cooperation partners whose data are available in point 10 and who process data, among other things:

  • for the purpose of providing the service;

  • to maintain an organized database of subscribers;

  • later withdrew the corresponding consent by informing about it in writing for playback service and marketing purposes, except when the person has decided otherwise or in an enabling form;

  • to fulfill the obligations arising from the legislation (e.g. transfer of data to the research institution).

Authorized processors process personal data to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Kontaktikeskus

Processing of personal data in the Kontaktikeskus OÜ and processing principles

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ always observes the following principles when processing personal data.

  • Transparency - The Kontaktikeskus OÜ processes personal data in a fair and transparent manner and only when permitted by law.

  • Purpose limitation – Kontaktikeskus OÜ collects your personal data for precisely and clearly defined and legitimate purposes. Changing the purposes of the processing may be due to the law or your permission. In any case, we will let you know beforehand.

  • Collecting as little data as possible - the Kontaktikeskus OÜ ensures that the processed personal data is sufficient and relevant to achieve the purposes of the processing, and that the volume of the processed data is not larger than necessary.

  • Correctness - The Kontaktikeskus OÜ ensures that your personal information is correct and relevant. We delete or correct incorrect personal data as soon as possible.

  • Retention limitation – When storing personal data, the Kontaktikeskus OÜ complies with the need for their processing, i.e. data that enables the identification of a natural person is kept as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing. When determining the retention period, Kontaktikeskus follows the requirements of the law, the terms agreed in binding contracts or the deadlines necessary to fulfill legal obligations.

  • Reliability - The Kontaktikeskus OÜ processes your personal data in a manner that ensures adequate security, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing. The Kontaktikeskus OÜ keeps all personal data disclosed to us confidential and protects personal data from illegally falling into the hands of third parties by implementing effective security measures, including using information technology, technical and organizational measures.

  • Integrated and default data protection - Kontaktikeskus considers the need for personal data protection when developing, selecting and using services and products that contain personal data processing.

Personal data processed and purposes of use

Mainly, the Kontaktikeskus OÜ processes personal data that you submit to the Kontaktikeskus OÜ or that is collected based on your actions when you use the Kontaktikeskus OÜ products, services or websites.
We process your personal data mainly to provide you with services, to make newsletters or offers, and to create news stories.
In doing so, we mainly process the following types of data about you for the following purposes.

  • Main personal data, such as first and last name and personal identification number for the execution of the contract and to ensure execution.

  • If the customer makes a purchase, to use this service, among other things, the subscriber's personal code is required.

  • Additional personal data for other personal identification purposes, for example, when applying for a job, information about education, work experience and personal characteristics.

  • Contact information, such as residential address, e-mail address, telephone number, is necessary for the execution of the contract. They are also used for direct marketing for commercial purposes, if the data subject has given consent.

  • The residential address is necessary to fulfill the contract when ordering products, because otherwise it is not possible to fulfill the contract, i.e. to deliver the ordered product.

  • The e-mail address is necessary to perform and ensure the performance of the contract and to submit invoices.

  • The telephone number is necessary to fulfill the contract and ensure fulfillment, including for the transmission of messages in the event of service availability errors.

  • Payment information, such as your bank account number, is required to provide the service.

  • Surveillance camera recordings. When you visit us, the reception areas may be equipped with video surveillance systems.

  • Web identifiers, for example, when you visit our web pages, the IP address of the device you
    used is stored. Read more about our cookie policy, which is available here.


You have the right to familiarize yourself with the processing of your personal data (see more in point 9). However, we draw your attention to the fact that the processing of certain personal data is a prerequisite for providing the service, for example, if you do not provide the main personal data or contact data, we will not be able to provide you with the service, including the delivery of the products you ordered.

Legal basis for personal data processing

The Contact Center may process personal data on the following legal grounds.
Contract performance - we rely on this legal basis to establish a contractual relationship and fulfill the terms agreed with customers and partners. For example, to deliver the products you ordered.
Legal Obligation – We rely on this legal basis to comply with our legal obligations. For example, to respond to requests from law enforcement agencies.
Consent - We rely on the processing of personal data based on consent to send you marketing materials such as newsletters and offers.
Legitimate interest - we rely on this legal basis when preparing and making sales offers.


The Contact Center may profile your personal data in order to offer its products, combining the personal data to make direct marketing decisions. We do this by mainly taking into account your previous service consumption history, age, address and gender in order to map the target group to whom we can offer products and services aimed at this target group. You have the right to prohibit the use of your personal data for profiling purposes.

  • To target ads, visitor behavior is grouped and created based on target groups with the help of external partners (Kontaktikeskus OÜ list of authorized processors located in point 10)

Behavioral habits are grouped based on user activity – viewing web pages, answering questions, orders, purchase history, etc. The Kontaktikeskus OÜ does not record membership in target groups, nor can individual target groups be determined, because the information is grouped.

Personal data retention periods

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ only stores data as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing or until the expiration dates of legal requirements and the legal retention period of the document.
For different data, this means different retention periods. For example:

  • we retain customer contact data as long as it is necessary on the basis of a contract
    to provide personalized services;

  • we keep the personal data necessary for accounting for 7 years based on the law;

  • we retain personal data provided on the basis of consent until the consent is withdrawn.

Rights of the data subject

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ considers the right to privacy of data subjects to be very important.Your rights as a data subject are as follows:

  • Access to your personal data that the Kontaktikeskus OÜ processes about you.

  • Correction or addition of data if your personal data is not up-to-date, incorrect or in need of correction.

  • Deleting data. In certain cases and if you wish, you can exercise the right to be forgotten. We will delete your data unless there is another legal basis for processing personal data, such as a legal obligation.

  • Restriction of data processing. If you express a wish to restrict or prohibit the processing of your personal data, Kontaktikeskus will continue to process personal data only for storage purposes, if it is necessary on other legal grounds.

  • Submitting objections to the processing of your personal data if Kontaktikeskus uses your personal data, for example, in the performance of personal data profiling or direct marketing.

  • Transfer of personal data in case you want the personal data that you have transferred to the Kontaktikeskus OÜ to be transferred in machine-readable form to another data controller. The Kontaktikeskus OÜ can do this if transmission is technically possible.

  • Withdrawal of consent. If personal data is processed on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw the given consent at any time. For this purpose, all commercial communications you receive by email will include instructions on how to unsubscribe from them. You can also withdraw your consent for commercial communications by sending an e-mail with the relevant content to the Kontaktikeskus address

  • Addressing the supervisor. You have the right to file a complaint about the processing of personal data with the Data Protection Inspectorate.

Application setting

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ regularly reviews the data protection conditions and applies them in accordance with changes in the processing of personal data.
For all questions related to data protection conditions or personal data processing, please contact

Authorized processors

The Kontaktikeskus OÜ processes data related to the data subject in the manner specified in the terms of use. If necessary, the Kontaktikeskus OÜ may grant the right to use the data to authorized processors from its cooperation partners, who have the right to use the data only for the purposes specified by the Kontaktikeskus OÜ and on the basis of the contract concluded for that purpose. The Kontaktikeskus OÜ only forwards the data subject's data to such cooperation partners who provide sufficient guarantee that they implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in such a way that the processing of the data subject's data complies with the law and the protection of the data subject's rights is ensured. If the Kontaktikeskus OÜ processes the data subject's data on the basis of the data subject's consent, the Kontaktikeskus OÜ must, in accordance with the law, inform the data subject, among other things, of the data of the authorized processors of the data subject's data.

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