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We communicate in such a way that your client loves you - you can direct your energy to your core business.

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Customer service or telephone sales are probably not the main activity of your company, but a means to achieve the desired goals. Trust us - trained and experienced people to deal with your customers - every day, at a professional level.


Customer service

The priority of Kontaktikeskus is to communicate with and serve your company's customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We work efficiently for your goals - you will get bigger sales numbers and more satisfied customers.

Why Kontaktikeskus?

Call center professionals

Both customer service and telephone sales are performed by service experts who keep the customer's needs and satisfaction in mind in every situation.

Our results and quality oriented sales team can handle every call. All offices have their own sales trainer and team leader who ensures that calls are made professionally and efficiently.


We have experience in mapping, creating and implementing various customer service and telemarketing solutions. A long period of activity in the Baltic market has given us good experience with both simpler and more complex fields.

More than 50 local and international companies use our services.

Continuous training

To maintain a high standard, learning and self-improvement is essential for both telemarketers and permanent part of the customer service agents work. The training activities include professional knowledge related to the service as well as call handling and communication training.

Quality, transparency and speed

The quality of the service is verifiable and our reporting is transparent. We serve your customers according to updated information in real time. This ensures that all the changes reach the employee immediately and the information reaching the customer is always correct.


Your sales results will improve significantly thanks to our expert knowledge and expert sales strategies. We guarantee efficient use of time and the best sales result.


Statistical information on the number of calls and minutes, length of calls and other parameters arrives in your mailbox regularly.



Thank you for your feedback, dear customers!

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“Unlike other call centers, the attitude of the Contact Center has remained humane, understanding and operative even towards smaller cooperation partners.”

- Kliendihalduse OÜ, infoteenus 16366

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"Kontaktikeskus' team has shown itself to be a professional partner with whom communication is easy and the results are good."

- Hansapost

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Flexibility; consideration of the interests of your business partner and the opportunity to discuss problems and find solutions; Kontaktikeskus thinks along and offers its own options/solutions!

- Eesti Mündiäri


Customer service representative

You like communication and you cope well with counseling someone in need over the phone, you understand the basics of customer service - then you are welcome to the Kontaktikeskus as a customer service representative.

Sales agent

The job of a sales agent in the Kontaktikeskus is ideal both for starting a successful career and for someone looking for a stable, long-term job - previous sales experience is not important, what is important is the will and initiative!

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